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Profile of Mr.Ron Somers

Ron Somers is Founder and CEO of India First Group, LLC, a strategic consulting firm dedicated to helping U.S. companies succeed in investing in India and assisting Indian companies navigate the complex regulatory environment in the United States.

Ron Somers’ track record of attracting and serving clients is proven by his having grown the U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC) into the largest bilateral trade association in the United States – with more than 265 companies in its membership. Ron recently completed 10 years’ service as President of the U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC), based in Washington, D.C., where he has grown this 39-year old premier business advocacy organization to cutting-edge stature, whose aim is to deepen two-way trade and strengthen U.S.-India commercial ties. The landmark U.S.-India civil nuclear initiative was cinched under Ron’s leadership. Presidents and Prime Ministers, indeed, all political and business leaders from both countries, look to USIBC for policy direction and for a platform to deepen commerce between the world’s largest two democracies.

Ron brings to the table 30+ years’ experience developing major infrastructure projects in the United States and Asia – starting in the oil and gas industry on the drilling rigs of West Texas, transitioning to hydroelectric and power development, and then onwards to senior management for international companies of upstream, midstream and downstream energy and power assets.

He serves on the Advisory Board of the Taj Hotels, A Tata Group Company, as well as on the International Leadership Council of the Monterey Institute of International Studies – A Graduate School of Middlebury College.Prior to leading USIBC, Ron served as Unocal’s Chief Executive Officer in India in charge of Unocal’s development portfolio on the Subcontinent.

As Unocal’s Country Head, Ron was responsible for securing potential customers and forming strategic alliances in India for the proposed Bangladesh to India Natural Gas Pipeline. During this tenure, Ron led exploration efforts in India’s upstream oil & gas sector through Unocal’s 26% shareholding in Hindustan Oil Exploration Company.Under Ron’s leadership, Unocal in India partnered with reputable business houses to develop the 3 million ton Ennore LNG Import Terminal in Tamil Nadu, the 350 MW gas-fired Gautami Power Project in Andhra Pradesh and the 700 MW combined-cycle Bidadi Project in Karnataka.

Prior to joining Unocal, Ron worked for Cogentrix Energy of Charlotte, North Carolina,championing efforts in Karnataka, India to implement the 1000 MW Mangalore Thermal Power Project. In this activity, Ron earned his credentials as a seasoned veteran of the Indian private power industry.Living in India for 12 consecutive years as India’s economy embraced liberalization, Ron began his India experience in 1993-1995 as Resident Advisor for K&M Engineering Corporation, implementing a USAID-sponsored multi-million dollar grant of assistance to the Indian Ministry of Power in support of the India Private Power Initiative (IPPI).During these early years when India’s quest for investment and energy converged, Ron met and maintained close relations with many of India’s entrepreneurs and political leaders.

Ron maintains a 33% stake in Montgomery Creek Associates, a private limited partnership that owns independent power assets in the western United States, which continue to generate clean, renewable energy since 1985.Ron Somers holds a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College in Vermont U.S.A. as well as a master’s degree from Bread Loaf Graduate School where he studied at Lincoln College,Oxford University.From 1992 through December 2004, Ron was headquartered in New Delhi and Bangalore where he resided with his family. He is now headquartered in Washington, DC,with a liaison office presence in New Delhi, to continue his long association with India through India First Group, LLC.

Profile of Mr.Mark Riedy

Mark Riedy primarily focuses his practice on U.S. and international project development and finance and private placement representation of renewable and conventional energy, clean technology, environmental and infrastructure clients. His clients principally represent developers, lenders, EPCs, O&Ms, equipment providers, private equity, venture capital and infrastructure funds.

In his more than 40 years of practice, Mr. Riedy has represented clients in domestic and international matters, including energy and infrastructure, project development and debt and equity financing contracts, mergers and acquisitions, technology outsourcing, investment fund structuring and related investments therefrom, venture capital and private equity structuring and related contracts, and compliance with regulatory and legislative issues. He also has represented clients in international disputes before U.S. and foreign agencies, dealing with matters such as anti-dumping, export controls, sanctions, and anti-bribery. Mr. Riedy has counseled renewable and conventional energy clients doing business in more than 50 countries.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Riedy was an attorney in the Washington, D.C. office of an international law firm, where he co-led its Energy and Infrastructure Project Finance Practice and chaired its Asia Practice.

Representing a U.S. company in the project financing of a $7.7 billion natural gas-to-clean jet fuel project with related solar power, pipelines, water desalinization and other infrastructure in the Southwest U.S. As part of this representation, the largest volumetric and longest term biojet offtake agreement has been executed, with three similar agreements in negotiation and drafting.

Advised Green Cloud Data Parks Co., a Nevada corporation, for the purchase of land and hydroelectric power from Trinity Public Utilities Company, a California municipal utility district, pursuant to a $31 million Power Purchase Option Contract. The agreement will allow our client to develop a data center on the purchased land and power it with the clean, renewable power acquired pursuant to a power purchase agreement.

Representing a U.S. project developer in a $30-million project to build and operate a torrefaction facility using sugarcane bagasse as feedstock in Louisiana.Representing a biogas developer in the project financing of three BioCNG projects in Colorado at $3-5M each using USDA guarantees.Representing renewable chemical manufacturer in the project financing of a $65 million blue food dye bioproduct facility using a USDA loan guarantee in Florida.Representing a U.S. biochemical company in a $25 million Series C round and $5 million bridge loan.Representing a U.S. energy company in the development and structuring of a $25 million solar power storage investment fund.Representing a U.S. geothermal developer in the project financing of a series of geothermal power projects in Kenya, Africa.Representing a U.S. biomass pellet company in the closing of a $2 million Convertible Note.

Represented 12 out of 12 U.S. and foreign energy company clients to the exclusion of all FY2010 and FY2011 applicants in reaching the finals and then 10 of those finalists, to date, to become awardees of USDA conditional loan guarantees for U.S.-based integrated advanced biofuel and biochemical refineries, including biopower plants. Of these awards, three are financially closed using first-ever credit enhanced project bonds and seven are in closing mode as part of a series of project financings.

Representing a U.S. company in commercializing a new algae-to-biofuel technology.Represented a public U.S. biopower company in the acquisition of 1.5 MW and 18 MW biomass-to-power facilities in India.Representing a U.S. oil refinery technology company in a $10 million Series A equity round.Representing a solar business in the development and project financing of several solar power projects throughout Appalachia using USDA loan guarantees.Represented a U.S. oil trading company in the manufacture of 5,125 solar-powered water purification units for installation in India, Greece, and various countries in Africa and Latin America.Advising a U.S. energy developer in a joint venture with a global upstream company to develop projects in North and South America for natural gas storage and liquefaction projects. Advising developer in all aspects of project development and finance for $160M innovative municipal solid waste-to-advanced bio-oil facility in Georgia.Representing a U.S. advanced biofuel client in the qualification of new fuel and feedstock pathways for biofuel and biodiesel at the U.S. EPA.

Representing a U.S. biopower developer in a $1.5 million Series A equity funding and $750,000 bridge loan.Represented a global biotech ethanol company in the closing of a 26 MW biopower project financing in Kansas as part of a cellulosic biorefinery financed using a DOE loan guarantee.Represented three U.S. construction companies in the awards of infrastructure construction contracts in Iraq.Represented five client awardees out of 19 awards at the U.S. DOE for the integrated biorefinery grants.Representing an international Independent Power Producer (IPP) with a 5.2 MW biopower project financing in North Carolina and a 3.2 MW biopower project financing in Rhode Island.Representing a biogas developer in the project financing of two $30M biomass-to-power projects in North Carolina and Rhode Island.Representing a biofuels manufacturer in the project financing of a $150M sugarcane-to-fuel ethanol facility in Puerto Rico.Representing Mexican biojet developer in the project financing of a $160M biojet manufacturing facility in New York.Representing a U.S. energy storage solutions developer and manufacturer with 10 behind-the-meter energy storage project financings in California as part of a Facility Plan funding program under the DOE Loan Guarantee Program.

Representing manufacturer in the development and finance of heavy crude oil upgrades unit Tallinn, Estonia.Representing advanced biofuels developer in $250 million project financing using USDA loan guarantee in North Carolina.Advising a U.S. advanced biofuel company in the project financing of a woody and grass biomass-to-ethanol project that includes financing by the USDA.Representing a U.S. geothermal corporation in the development and project finance of geothermal power projects in Kenya, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Chile, Texas and California.Project Development and Finance using USDA rural utility service loans for 120MW of solar power units in Puerto Rico.Represented an energy storage technology company in Texas in a Series A private placement.Represented a major U.S. agricultural processing company in multiple transactions involving the purchase, dehydration, and sale of fuel ethanol between Latin America and the United States.Represented a U.S. energy company in securing a DARPA R&D grant for a new alcohol-to-jet certification.

Representing a solar power construction company in the project financing of three 2MW to 5MW solar power facilities in Maryland.Representing a renewable fuel developer in the project financing of multiple sugarcane-to-methanol facilities in Brazil and Australia at $110M each.Representing renewable diesel manufacturer in the project financing of a $150M renewable diesel manufacturing facility in California.Representing a solar-powered water treatment technology company in California in a Series A private placement.Closed a $12.5 million Series B round for a biofertilizer and renewable hydrogen technology client in Colorado.Closed a $390 million first commercial project financing for a biojet manufacturing facility using a technology insurance wrap over tax exempt municipal bonds for a developer in Oregon.

Profile of Mr.Sante Santhanam Chary

He is aHealthcare entrepreneur,Founder and Chief Executive Officerof USPhysician Resources International and CEO of IVY CEO-Consulting company of IVY League CEO's

He is a recipient of the "One Person Makes a Difference Award" from the100, 000 member AOTAin DC for his instrumental role in the introduction and approval of a Bill in U.S. Congress. His efforts contributed to the passage of the Bill and signedinto law by PresidentGeorge H.W. Bush at the White House.

As a proud Indian-American, Sante Chary has devoted his non-professional efforts to forging ties between the United States and India.

For more than a decade, he has focusedand gained expertise in promoting U.S.A-India partnership programs. In 1997, the creation of theFirst Day Envelopein collaboration with the United States Postal Service commemorating 50 years of Indian Independenceis a signature effort on his part, and later obtained key endorsementsfrom65 US and Indian officials on the same Envelope in a unique show of solidarity and partnership. The envelope was signed by 6 US Presidents, 8 Indian PM, Presidents and others in Solidarity.Guinness book of world records is waiting for the final copy to be placed in the world records.

Presently, he is involved in a campaign to commemorate "US-India Partnership Day," as a mark of celebration of the two largest democracies in the world in the US Congress.

Also he was a member of the U.S.A - CEO Delegation during President Obama's visit to India; heattended Prime Minister Modi's,Man MohanSingh's, Vajpayee Welcome Reception in DC and NYC, Met Reagan , Bush Sr, Clinton in DC and the Nuclear Bill Signing ceremony by President Bush at the White House. He had a unique opportunity of meeting 7 US Presidents and 8Indian PM and Presidents in the US and India to promote the bilateral relationships.

As a lobbyist in DC he was instrumental in writing and getting a bill passed "US India Partnership day Sept 20 2014" in the US Senate to welcome Hon PM Modi to DC in midst of Visa controversies.

Again He was instrumental in writing a US India bill in 2015 and the US Senate sent that bill /letter to the President Obama to welcome the PM to USA

He is a Charter Member of GDIACC/USICOC in Dallas. Currently he serves as an Advisor to the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) with 65,000 Indian physicians in the USA.He represented Plano as an Ambassador of the American Cancer Society, is an Officer of the Harvard Business School Alum Association and isinvolved in various local community activities. His life experiences and Alma Matter Harvard Business School has taught him to give back to the community.

He is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law and The Harvard Business School. He lives with his wife Lata. His Son Sid is an attorney in NYC and Second son Jay is a Copy Righter in NYC. His Contact information: cell 214 597 157

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