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Mahesh Ramachandaran, london-uk and chennai-india

Mahesh Ramachandran is co-founder and Managing Director of Commonwealth Microfinance (India) Ltd, a Commonwealth Business Council initiative focussed on banking the unbanked in India.

Mahesh is a distinguished Sloan Fellow of the London Business School and holds a Masters degree in Management from University of London and MBA from University of Westminster.

As a social entrepreneur, Mahesh has extensive experience in brining concepts and start-ups to successful businesses. Mahesh advises in the areas of corporate governance, systems thinking, leadership development, emerging markets and social entrepreneurship.

Mahesh’s earlier corporate experience includes working in Dun & Bradstreet Software, Head of IT &
Business Strategy for Ford of Europe, Tata Consultancy EMEA Head of Strategy & Governance.

Mahesh is Chairman of the board of Sloan Management & Advisory Services and a board member
and advisor to several of Commonwealth Business Council initiatives such as “Infrastructure for
Inclusive Banking in Africa and India” and CBC Trade Exchange.
Mahesh is qualified to perform controlled functions defined by Financial Services Authority of UK.
Mahesh is a Fellow of the Institute for the Management of Information System (Highest level of SFIA)
and a professional member of British Computer Society, Association of MBAs and Chartered
Management Institute. Mahesh was past chair of India Business Forum at London Business School.
Mahesh is trustee of several charities including Mind and
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