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Export Marketing and Doing business with india

  • Data Base on Indian and International Industries
  • Market Research
  • Technology Survey
  • Project Appraisals
  • Identification of Project Opportunities
  • Project Reports
  • Research and Investigative Publications.


  • Maximpex Consultancy Centre maintains an extensive database on the various aspects of Indian and global industries, which are continuously updated.
  • MAXIMPEX keeps track of the fast changing industrial scenario in India and abroad at micro levels. An extensive and up-to-date data base on demand and supply situations, technology, its-up gradation and source and other aspects
  • The data base relates to demand, supply and capacity levels, technology trends, new projects, price behavior, collaborations, licensors of technology, takeovers and general industry trends both in India and abroad.
  • MAXIMPEX provides highly reliable and quick information on various aspects of industries, to enable the chemical industries to take quick decisions.
  • MAXIMPEX carries out highly reliable and independent market research of high standard for products
  • With its in-house data base and with engineers and technologists serving in the organization, MAXIMPEX provides advice on project opportunities, taking into account factors such as the proposed site, investment levels and expertise of the entrepreneurs.

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