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Welcome to Maximpex

We,at (thanks to our mentors and advisors Shri Ron Somers, founder ceo and former ed of, dc, USA,   shri   Mark J Reidy, Member, Mr. Mahesh Ramachandran Chairman, sloan management and Co-ordinator common wealth business council ., london and chennai Mr Ganshyam Dass, Ceo, FIG CONSULTANTS PVT LTD, BLORE and Advisor,"  MR SRINIVAS GIRIDHARAN , CORPORATE MENTOR AND FORMER DGM ORIENTAL INSURANCE COT LTD and Mr S Narendra, Advisor and Media and information Consultant. New Delhi and Formerly Principal Information Advisor to 5 Indian Prime Ministers and Mr Ramamurthy Balachander, Advisor and IT Consultant and Fomerly Systems Head, Indian Oil Corporation) believe and practice the very principles that have been derived from this cosmic truth. While we adhere to the universal values, we believe that serving our customers is the core of our existence.

Maximpex Services
Inverstment Banking,
Export & Marketing,
Pharma, Biotech Health Care, Food processing and Agro sectors
world wide integrated logistics solutions, transworld profile
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The foundation of India was built on the wisdom of the immortal philosophical works such Upanishads, Vedas, Bhagwad Gita, Thirukkural and many more which enunciate "Ethics" as the foundation of living.

Business Profession, Trade and Commerce, being an integral part of living, needs to follow the ethical order. Ethics forms the foundation of any successful business.
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